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The review period will be May 20, 2024 – July 20, 2024

Community Open House #3

The third and final General Plan Community Meeting was held on Tuesday, May 21 at the Wickenburg Community Center with a presentation at 5:00 p.m. followed by a question-and-answer session. 

The goals of the meeting were:

  • Present the DRAFT General Plan to the community
  • Provide an overview of the Plan, its format and contents
  • Explain the community input throughout the process ultimately resulting in goals and polices for the community’s Plan.

Community Open House #2
Summary + Appendix

The second community open house was held on October 30, 2023 from 5:30-7:30pm at the Wickenburg Community Center.

The goals of the meeting were as follows:

  • Get feedback from the community on a sampling of the DRAFT goals for the General Plan.
  • Ask the participants to create goals they felt were important.
  • Solidify the community vision statement.
  • Get feedback on the land use scenarios presented.
  • Open discussion on potential zoning code updates.

Community Open House #1 Summary

The first community meeting was held on July 31, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. at the Wickenburg Community Center.

The goals of the meeting were as follows:

  • Engage the community in developing a vision for the Town of Wickenburg.
  • Identify priorities of the community that can be utilized in developing goals, policies, and actions.
  • Inform and encourage continued participation and comments from members of the community.
  • Explore solutions and opportunities for several identified planning policy and Zoning Code topic areas.
  • Describe the General Plan and Zoning Code update process and educate all on the next steps.

Existing Conditions Report

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The purpose of the Existing Conditions Report is to provide analysis, background, and demographic overview that will serve as a resource for The Wickenburg Way 2045 General Plan. This collection of information is foundational, providing a framework of strengths and challenges that need to be addressed in the Town’s plan.

Zoning Assessment Report

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The purpose of the Zoning Assessment Report is to identify and review all aspects of the Zoning Code that are conflicting, antiquated, confusing, or impede the desired development of Wickenburg. This evaluation will inform the update of the Town's zoning code.

Fact Sheet 

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The Town of Wickenburg is embarking on a major update to its General Plan and Zoning Code. Here is what you need to know and how to make sure your voice is heard.

Reference Documents

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Wickenburg General Plan 2025

The Wickenburg General Plan 2025 was adopted in 2013 as a comprehensive document detailing future land use goals and policies for the Town. The intent of the Plan was to cover several aspects of Town planning: criteria for preservation and growth, aspirations of community excellence, economic diversification, livability and sustainability, private property rights' recognition, and methods to encourage public/private cooperation. Matrix has reviewed existing goals and policies from the General Plan and will incorporate relevant portions of them as a baseline for the new Wickenburg General Plan and Zoning Code Update.

By creating a new General Plan built on the ideals of the most recent one, a future for the Town of Wickenburg can be curated to the vision residents have for their Town in the coming years. Through the coordination of meetings with Town council, local business owners, community leaders, and residents, the new General Plan will confidently reflect the Town’s values and aspirations.

Town of Wickenburg Zoning Ordinance

This document includes the planning and zoning provisions for the Town of Wickenburg. Matrix will review the land use districts, open space development standards, sign code, light pollution guidelines, ordinance amendments, and fee schedules. After reviewing the Ordinance, Matrix will determine elements that are strong as well as elements that need to be updated or changed.

Wickenburg Fire Department Strategic Plan 2016-2020

The Wickenburg Fire Department Strategic Plan 2016-2020 is a reference document to gather recent information about the operations and efficiency of the Wickenburg Fire Department. The main purpose of the Plan was to help guide the future of fire and emergency services for the department and community. The Wickenburg General Plan and Zoning Code Update will guide the relationship between the fire department and community and will continue to evolve as the Town grows. 

Town of Wickenburg Strategic Plan 2020-2021

The Town of Wickenburg 2020-2021 Strategic Plan gives Matrix a glimpse into prioritized goals of the Town and the strategies to deliver them for residents. Priorities within the Plan included economic development, downtown, public safety, youth and families, and natural resources & recreation.

Each of the priorities is described with an overarching goal:

  • Economic Development: make Wickenburg a destination for business.
  • Downtown: create a unique sense of place, energy, and excitement in downtown Wickenburg.
  • Youth and Families: create a friendly atmosphere that encourages families to locate in the community.
  • Public Safety: establish Wickenburg as a safe, family-friendly community by consistently providing one of the best public safety systems in Arizona.
  • Natural Resources & Recreation: establish outdoor recreation and natural resources preservation as hallmarks of the community.

Town of Wickenburg Strategic Plan 2023

The Town of Wickenburg Strategic Plan 2023 gives Matrix a current detailed understanding of the Town’s prioritized goals and their strategic guiding principles. The prioritized goals listed in the 2023 Plan include: Fiscal Sustainability, Infrastructure Assets, Safe and Sustainable Quality of Life, Innovative and High Performing Organization, and Economic Growth.

Each of the priorities is described with an overarching goal:

  • Fiscal Sustainability: implement innovative and responsible policies and business practices to effectively manage its fiscal and human resources.
  • Infrastructure Assets: maintain current infrastructure and plan strategically for future infrastructure that supports the community quality of life and economic vitality.
  • Safe and Sustainable Quality of Life: implement programs and projects that create a clean, safe, technology focused, and sustainable environment that provides residents with opportunities for an engaged, healthy, and active lifestyle.
  • Innovative and High Performing Organization: update and refine programs, policies, and projects that create a clean, safe, and sustainable workplace. Provide a working environment and benefits to attract and retain a workforce that is committed to providing outstanding service to its residents at an exceptional value for their tax dollars. ‘
  • Economic Growth: seek diverse, high-quality development, that supports the community’s economic sustainability and fosters intentional growth and development. Business investment and sustainability should be fostered through streamlined processes, technology and ongoing partnerships and relationships.

Wickenburg Focused Future Plan 2010

The Wickenburg Focused Future Plan 2010 is a dated plan detailing community and economic data from the 2000s. This data is useful in understanding community and economic trends and projections in the Town. The Plan also takes count of assets in the community such as education institutions, medical centers, and infrastructure. Matrix will use this data to compare the trends and projections of the early 2000s to more current data. By comparing past and current data, the new General Plan can be updated to account for previous community and economic successes and build on it to incorporate it into the new General Plan.

Wickenburg Redevelopment Framework 2019

The Redevelopment Framework 2019 for the redevelopment district is based on three interconnected components: the Overlay District: Vertical Connection, The Greenway: External Connection, The Alleyways: Internal Connection. The Vertical connection aims to allow for high density and the revision of parking requirements. The External Connection aims to provide connections between different neighborhoods surrounding the redevelopment area. The Internal Connection aims to redevelop existing downtown elements such as alleyways to connect people and places more easily throughout downtown. These three interconnected components allow Matrix to visualize and prioritize a specific area within the Town that should be planned with these specifications in mind.

Wickenburg Municipal Airport Master Plan 2013

Much like the concept of the Wickenburg General Plan, the Wickenburg Municipal Airport Master Plan 2013 is a comprehensive document detailing the strengths and weaknesses of the Airport as well as goals and policies that should be enacted for it to continue to benefit the surrounding community as well as meet the regional demand for those who use it.

Wickenburg Downtown Report 2005

The Wickenburg Downtown Report 2005 is a dated report on the state of downtown Wickenburg as well as envisioned changes that need or could be incorporated. This Plan focused on Land Use, Circulation, Economic Development, and how to implement program. This Plan correlates with the later 2014 Wickenburg Downtown Heritage Plan 2014.

Wickenburg Downtown Heritage Plan 2014

The Town of Wickenburg Downtown Heritage District Plan 2014 is comprehensive plan detailing development of the historic downtown. The Plan includes a community profile, economic strategies, design guidelines, funding and implementation strategies, and redevelopment opportunities and design concepts. Matrix will use this Plan as a guideline for how the town envisioned their downtown in 2014 and what and what has not changed since then and what implemented policies worked and did not work.

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